Mouthguards are protective devices worn over the teeth and gums to safeguard against dental injuries, particularly during sports activities or in patients who experience nighttime teeth grinding. These appliances create a protective barrier, cushioning the teeth and soft tissues from impact and reducing the risk of fractures, dislocations, or other trauma.

When playing sports, mouthguards are crucial for preventing injuries to the teeth and jaws, while night guards are often prescribed for bruxism or teeth grinding to minimize the wear and tear caused by the subconscious clenching of the jaw during sleep, promoting oral health and preventing discomfort.

Types of Mouthguards

Stock Mouthguards

Stock mouthguards can be purchased at most sporting goods stores. They are inexpensive, but they often don’t fit very well. They usually come in one size only, which may not fit well in your mouth. They also tend to be bulky and uncomfortable to wear.

Boil-And-Bite Mouthguards

Boil-and-bite mouthguards are another option. These mouthguards are made from thermoplastic material that you boil in water and then bite into to mold them to the shape of your mouth. While they are more comfortable than stock mouthguards, they still may not fit your mouth well enough to provide proper protection.

Custom-Fitted Mouthguards

Custom-made mouthguards are the best option when it comes to protecting your teeth. These are made specifically for your mouth by our dentist. Our orthodontist in Denver, CO, will take an impression of your teeth and create a mouthguard that fits snugly over them. This will provide the most protection and comfort.

The Benefits of Mouthguards

  • Mouthguards in Denver, CO, help to prevent injuries to the teeth, lips, cheeks, tongue, and jaw. They can also help to reduce the risk of concussion.
  • Mouthguards protect your teeth from injury during sports and physical activities. They also protect your teeth and jaw from the damage caused by clenching and grinding during sleep.
  • Custom mouthguards can help improve your athletic performance by allowing you to breathe and speak more easily. They can also improve your concentration and coordination.
  • Mouthguards can help you sleep better at night by preventing you from grinding your teeth while you sleep. This can help reduce headaches and other symptoms of TMJ disorder.

Mouthguards shield your smile from unexpected injuries and the effects of nighttime teeth clenching or grinding. Visit Benson Orthodontics at 3200 East Cherry Creek South Drive, Suite #420, Denver, CO 80209, or call (303) 722-1202 to learn more.

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