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Orthodontics For Any Age


Orthodontic treatment can be successful at any age. In the United States, one of every five patients in orthodontic treatment is over 21.

Every adult has his or her own reason for undergoing treatment. Some are concerned about how they look. Others seek treatment to make chewing easier or to relieve pain. Since an adult’s teeth and jaws are done growing, adult orthodontics may involve special issues that don’t apply to children.

For this reason, your treatment will likely involve a team approach. Dr. Benson will develop and oversee your dental plan, but he will communicate and coordinate treatment with your dentist, a periodontist, oral surgeon, or other dental specialist.

This is a service that few offices provide. Due to the advanced nature and comprehensive plans that lead to successful results with adults, some offices do not cater to adult treatment. Many are set up to see high volumes of children, and communication among dental practitioners is too impractical.

Our office generally sees more than 50% adults. We have a large referral base that knows and loves the extra effort we set forth for adult treatment. Come in today and see what is available to you.


Having participated in large numbers of adult cases, Dr. Benson has a unique view of treatment for children. A certain number of our adults had treatment as children with other orthodontists and are less than pleased with how it has held up.

Sometimes it is as simple as not wearing their retainer. More than likely the orthodontist made choices in a growing child that did not work with his or her growth pattern.

We try to minimize problems ahead of time through Dr. Benson’s knowledge of adult treatment and advanced computer growth indicators. Our software enables him to measure and more accurately predict how and when a child might grow. As with anything involving the human body, things may not follow a predictable path.

Usually there are indicators in Dr. Benson’s diagnosis that will alert him to this. If they do, parents can be fully informed of the benefits of doing treatment now or waiting until a more predictable growth pattern can be obtained. As you can see, there is a lot more at stake than just putting on braces the first day we meet someone!

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